News and Events

  • Abu Dhabi Executive Council – Vice Chairman Office

    On January 2011 Merit had the honor and privilege to render our professional consultancy services to the Vice Chairman Office. Merits lead a group of professional individuals within the Vice Chairman Office, instructing and guiding them at every step to help induce quality and effectiveness in the work functions and operations of the VCO.

  • Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA)

    On June 2013, Merit successfully embarked on a venture to support Abu Dhabi Housing Authority to establish itself as an entity that delivers qualitative housing to citizens keeping pace with the civilizational and urban progress. Merit supported the Authority in development of it's Business Strategy, Customer Strategy, Corporate Strategy and Operational Plans. Merit was involved in the current state assessment and market research of the Housing sector. Merit successfully proposed various housing programs along with formulation of Housing Project Model, Operating Model (External Governance), Financial Budget, CAPEX/OPEX, Financial Projection Model, Cash flow etc. Merit provided the Authority with an effective and efficient management system for the Authority and this effort involved the development of the organization structure, job descriptions, skills and competencies framework, policies and procedure manuals, training plan, salary scale, Authority Matrix, Corporate Governance etc.

  • Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC)

    The Schools Development Program concept and the proposed criteria and ranking system suggested by Merit supported Abu Dhabi Education Council to establish control measures within the schools thereby creating a major impact on the education system as a whole towards “Quality Change to the education system and pursuit for Modernization”. The catalyst to this development plan was the situational assessment on the prevailing conditions and the gathered opinion from the stakeholders involved (school management, parents, teachers etc.) leading to the proposition of solution design that established an evaluation focused on improvement.

  • Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC)

    Merit’s association with Abu Dhabi Sports Council commenced on April 2006 and has since blossomed into a relationship of trust and commitment. From founding the Abu Dhabi Sports Council to conducting re-engineering for its entire professional clubs, Merit has time and again shown the emphasis it lays on establishment of effective management system and the pursuit for continuous improvement. Merit formulated the Abu Dhabi Sports Clubs Development and Professional Program to ascertain the validity and reliability of the clubs management system and assess internal control. This effort led to the clubs improving their overall performance and day to day operations. The Abu Dhabi Sports Club Improvement Program went on to gain authentication of European Federation “EUEFA” with an Excellent rating for the project.

  • Al Ain Sports Club

    On July 2008, Merit embarked on a venture with Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club to support and reengineer its management system. Al Ain club was the first club that applies the professional system in the country. It is also the first club to receive the Khalifa Excellence Award and Mohammed bin Rashed for Sports Creativity as the best local sports institution.

  • Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Award

    Merit was one of the Co-Founder of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Women Sports Award along with the Sheikha Fatima Women Sports Academy. The efforts of Merit towards the award aimed to encourage more workshops and training seminars to be held in various sports that enable ladies (teams and individuals) to improve on a personal (health and fitness) and professional level (as Sports Professionals occupying positions of Managers, Coaches and Trainers etc), motivate excelling sports talents, persuade schools to further promote sports education, encourage health institutions to sponsor sports related programs towards the betterment of general women’s health and tackle other women related aspects that would support the Emirati women to excel locally as well as on a global canvas

  • Merrill Lynch - London

    Merit’s strength in providing Financial & Economic Advisory to its client attracted the interest of Mirrlle Launch and on November 2009, Merit entered into agreement to support Mirrlle Launch in establishing a strong financial position within the market, stabilizing its operations, and effectively handle its financial tools and budgeting systems.

  • United Nation - Jordan Taxation System

    Under the guidance and directions of His Excellency Hamad Al Kasasbeh, Minister of Finance at Jordan, Merit is proud to play a profound role in Evaluating Government of Jordan Taxation System. Merit was assigned to this project by the United Nations for Development on June 2010.

  • United Nation - Jordanian Municipalities Governance and Voting System

    Merit had the honor of providing its services in Evaluating of Jordanian Municipalities Governance and voting system, which was yet another venture awarded by the United Nations.

  • NBAD – Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance Company

    Merit’s innovative concepts in Financial Budgeting, Fund management, Portfolio Management services, Balance Scorecard, Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring tools and techniques have given banks such as National Bank of Abu Dhabi and its financial subsidiaries a new path to look forward and progress. Today the company, ADNIFC, has positioned itself as an Islamic Finance Company with authorized capital of AED 500 million.

  • Securities and Commodities Authority (SKEA)

    To support the Securities and Commodities Authority in its mission, Merit has provided efficient advisory services to the Authority in the setting up of policies pertaining to licensing of brokerage activities, commodities brokerage, mutual funds etc. The intent in setting up of the policies and procedures was to enhance the Authority’s governance role in monitoring and formulating the development of necessary legislations, the enhancement of supervisory regulations and the development of investment and legal awareness.

  • Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Sports For Women –International Conference 2013

    Merit’s hard work and commitment paid off during the roaring success of the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Sports for Women International Conference. Merit’s relentless pursuits supported Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy and its Management to convince the Nation especially women to adopt Family sports activities rather than focusing on individual sports. This was achieved through formulation of Women Sports Policy and moving forward with a vision of “working towards professional sports that paves way for international competitions” via conducting an annual international sports conference to exchange experience, solutions and recommendations. There was an exclusive program aired called in all media across Abu Dhabi called “Benyat Zayed” which focused on the achievements of women players and coaches to signify Women Sports. Merit rendered its services in organizing the conference from the initiation phase of planning wherein it shouldered the responsibility of arranging for venue, speaker panels, sessions material, the Media and Marketing, handling the event’s logistics i.e. venue management, invitations, attendees, speakers, sponsorship etc.

  • Family Development Foundation – School Assessment

    Family Development Foundation has been one of Merit’s most eminent clients as Merit got the opportunity to support FDF in improving its schools and perform assessments in four of the foundation’s owned schools i.e. Al Bateen, Al Dheibyaneah, Al Danat and Al Wathba. The intent of the assessment exercise was focused at the “Improvement and Development of the schools”. The results of the assessment went on to support the schools in elevating their educational environment in a manner to fit the modern and necessary requirements of operations and perform better and in tandem with the expectations of the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Merit was heavily involved in curriculum, extra curriculum, schools facilities, teaching techniques, and other criteria development which majorly targeted improvement in students’ learning and outputs, school leadership, school environment, quality of education, preservation and promotion of national heritage and culture and increasing parent’s involvement.

  • NBAD - National Real Estate Company

    Adding to its credit is Merit’s association with National Bank of Abu Dhabi wherein the National Real Estate Company was established with a paid-in capital of AED 200 million Dirhams. Merit supported the National Real Estate Company in establishing local Real Estate Investment Company and mutual funds. Merit has provided its advisory services and supported the company from legal structuring and licensing from Central Bank and Emirates Securities and Commodities SKEA, developing new company investment strategy, identification of services and activities, designing its organization structure and staff job descriptions, developing new company recruitment & Emiratization plan, developing Human Resources Policies and Procedures, Developing company accounting and financing policies and procedures, developing company internal operating model and support IT company in atomization, along with other services.

  • Rhythm Bonds, LLC

    Merit credits itself in structuring and establishing Rhythm Bonds as an entity. From the initiation, Merit supported the company in its licensing procedures to operate as a brokerage firm from UAE Securities and Commodities’ Market. The project was a roaring success when the company became one of the top 10 UAE brokers due to the financial advisory services provided by Merit in terms of value trade.

  • Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy

    Merit has been successful in supporting Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports in establishing an effective operations and work functions within the academy. Merit in coordination with the Academy team rendered efforts in developing Academy’s strategic plan, organization structure, identify the right set of skills and competencies and job descriptions, design policies and procedure manuals (i.e. Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing etc.), develop customer strategy, stakeholders engagement plan and providing various other management and financial advisory support based on the requirement of the Academy.

  • Family Development Foundation – Centers Assessment

    Merit embarked on a venture with Family Development Foundation supporting management in strategy executions via its 16 centers: Abu Dhabi Center, Sweihan Center, Marfaa Center, Abu Dhabi Gate Center, Shweib Center, Rimah Center, Wathba Center, Al Ain Center, Selaa Center, Al Sharee'a Center, Ghiathi Center, Shahama Center, Al Wagen Center, Zayed City Center, Al Heer Center and Delma Center. The intent was to evaluate the current state of affairs within the center and develop operational plans and solutions that would enable the centers to enhance their performance and services as per the expectations of surrounding communities and Family Development Foundation’s management.

  • National Investment Corporation

    Merit had the honor of providing its management advisory services to National Investment Corporation. Merit was involved in creating the right organizational design by identifying the structural, cultural and relationship gaps within the corporation. Merit helped link the human resources function with the strategic objectives of the corporation to provide sturdy and functional Strategic Human Resources Management system that allows flexibility and adopting to change. This service majorly covered the development of skills and competencies frame work, job descriptions, policies and procedures and others. Through a solid Corporate Governance Framework, Merit supported the corporation in defining clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

    The success of Marina Mall as one of the most distinctive landmarks of Abu Dhabi and shopping destination is yet another success story in which Merit had the opportunity to participate and add value. Merit teamed up with the Marina Mall Management and rendered its management advisory services to help enable the mall to reengineer its operations and work functions. Merit formulated a well adaptable Authority Matrix which provided uniformity and clarity in the application of policies and procedures to the various levels of the mall. Policies and Procedures for various departments were developed to enable proper execution of day to day tasks.

  • National Transport Corporation

    Yet another feather to Merit’s cap of success was our services rendered to National Transport Corporation. Since the corporation was commencing its journey as a new organization, Merit supported the corporation in structuring its organization framework, management framework, internal governance framework and external reporting system, financing and accounting policies.

  • Supervision Committee for Expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport

    Merit entered into an agreement with SCADIA to develop job description that will define employees’ tasks and responsibilities, and delineate authority. The Job Descriptions supported SCADIA in being a guideline for recruitment and selection of the staff and provide a base for training programmes. Merit consultants also developed the skills and competencies framework that allowed SCADIA employees to successfully perform their job duties in a better manner. Various soft skills were identified and divided into various levels based on the hierarchy of the positions starting from Top Management to Executive Management and ending at the Daily Workers. The skills and competencies framework proved to be a vital support for SCADIA’s Human Resources during the recruitment process.

  • National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) – Strategy and Governance

    Merit’s association with National Crises and Emergency Management Authority was a success story in its own right. Merit supported NCEMA in vital projects thereby ensuring that all operations and functions within the Authority are executed as per the required standards and expectation of the Management. Merit has joined NCEMA team in the establishment project and developing its strategy, operating model, governance and the policies and procedures that will enable it to carry out its day to day operations with remote centers.

  • National Marina Real Estate Development

    Merit was glad to embark on a project concerning National Marina Real Estate Development which is one of the subsidiaries (i.e. real estate arm) of National Investment Corporation. Merit’s played a crucial role in structuring and establishing National Marina as a real estate entity. Merit consultants were heavily involved in structuring the Management System, setting strategy, operational plans, Financial System, Human Resource Management System for the newly developed entity thereby ensuring that all its operation, day to work functions, goals and objectives are as per the expectations of its management. From organizations structure to job descriptions, from policies and procedures formulation to financial plan structuring, from Property Management policies to Real Estate Development Guidelines, Merit supported National Marina at every step to make the venture a triumphing success.

  • Emirates Post - Management System and Supplier Registration

    Merit has been successful in supporting Emirates Post in establishing an effective Financial and Management System. Merit entered into an agreement with Emirates Post and worked in coordination with its team to establish a management system that proved effective in organizing the work functions and operations within the departments, increase staff performance and double folding the productivity of the organization. Merit further proceeded to centralize the Purchasing system within Emirates Post that acted as a support towards fulfilling the operational requirements of the organization and its subsidiaries. It allowed the management of the procurement process and supply base efficiently and effectively and supported the goals and objectives set by Emirates Post management to take the organization forward with less financial obligation. Merit consultant’s also helped in unifying supplier registration between Emirates Post and its subsidiary that allowed Supplier Centricity and proved effective in minimizing cost thereby supporting the overall financial budget.

  • Asayel Brokerage Company

    Merit supported Asayel Brokerage Company in licensing its activities within the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), Abu Dhabi Financial Market and Dubai Financial Market. Merit experts and team of consultants supported Asayel right from the very initiation of registration. Merit helped developed the business plan to cover the structure, the service strategy, the financial structure and financial model, IT platform business need, brokerage internal model, and other requirements to obtain approval from SCA and related financial markets to proceed further with licensing with other governmental departments. Merit prepared the Memorandum of Association to be presented for the authentication by the official authorities. Merit also helped Asayel developed its organization structure, recruitment plan, Emiratization plan, Human Resources policies and procedures manual thereby enabling it to have qualitative Policies and Procedures as these are essential to the health of a business especially as they help to lay out long-term goals and processes by creating structure through rules and guidelines. Through creating strong policies and procedures, Merit supported Asayel by recruiting its staff and trained them to “know what the rules are" and how to measure success or failure of an operational process. It further enabled the brokerage firm to groom its functions and achieve operational success.

  • Awraq Islamic Shares and Bonds LLC

    Merit credits itself in establishing the first Islamic Brokerage house in UAE and the area of GCC “Awraq Islamic Shares and Bonds LLC”. Merit has supported Awraq obtaining required license from UAE Central Bank and Commodities & Securities Authority. Merit ensured that Awraq fulfilled all required criteria to be qualified with respect to its paid-up capital investment strategy, customer & products strategy. Merit further extended its support by creating a financing and budgeting plan for Awraq. Merit has set Awraq internal and external governance models, developed brokerage management system, designed its organization structure, Recruitment & Emiratization plans, policies and procedures related to Human Resources, Accounting, purchasing, IT and other operations. Human Resource within the firm was further strengthen by creation of job description, salary scale, interview employees from in and out of the country.

  • National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) - Business Continuity Management Standards

    Merit has contributed and supported National Crises and Emergency Management Authority in developing the Business Continuity Management Standards. This venture further paved way for developing and implementing incident management, business continuity and business recovery plans. The project emerged successful as it supported earlier identification of threats and the solutions taken to minimize these threats.

  • Ministry of Presidential Affairs

    Merit’s Human Resources experts helped establish a fully functional and efficient Human Resource Management System for the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. The ultimate goal was to develop an HR strategy and system that is perfectly aligning employees with the objectives and aims of the Ministry. Merit guided the Ministry team on deciding on the major guidelines during departmental restructuring and its financial and risk effects through development of its Human Resources succession plan, developed job descriptions based on competencies and skills, development of job placement plan. This allowed the Ministry to determine the necessary labor force requirements and the prediction of likely HR resources. The salary scale developed by Merit consultants took into account the “Decision Band Method” and enabled projection of assumed future salary increases taking into account the Ministry’s pay policy, AD Government Civil Services laws, benchmarking with other operators in the region, organizational structure and other factors to establish an effective system for recruitment, promotion and annual salary review purposes. It helped the Ministry in motivating employees to enhance their efficiency and organizational performance to boost further innovation, creativity, flexibility and healthy competitiveness.

  • Emirates Post - Accounting Policies and Procedures

    Merit supported Emirates Post in formulating the Accounting Policies and Procedures to maintain consistency and to set up a standard for decision-making. The accounting policies and procedures developed by Merit ensured that assets are safeguarded, financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles, and that finances are managed with responsible stewardship. Policies and procedures that were are developed included paying bills, cash management and budgeting and reflected a Emirates Post’s values and ethics.

  • Rulers Representative Court Western Region – Dewan

    Based on the visionary thinking of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of the Ruler in Western Region, a pursuit was directed towards encouraging the region to enter the realms of modernity and Prosperity and by that the Dewan Ruler’s Representative for Western Region, focused on studying the area of improvement by analyzing the prevailing situation within the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate, the area of improvements and developments, the services of the various councils and Governmental entities involved. Merit was brought in to support the Dewan in formulating many studies shed light on the existed situation to better understand and further realize the potential it has to contribute in the development of the western region.

  • National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) – Management System

    Merit has always worked towards improving the overall performance of clients business by setting up effective and efficient management system in place. This supports organizations to manage the performances of their teams to achieve the overall organizational ambitions and goals. Merit consultants worked in coordination with NCEMA’s assigned team to develop various policies manual pertaining to Human Resources, Finance, Supplier Evaluation, Purchasing etc. along will formulating job descriptions for positions identified in the organization structure with the intent to enable employees determine how critical their job is, how it effects the organizations and identify the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role.

  • Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club - Appreciation Certificate

    Merit has received appreciation from by His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of Al Ain Sports and Cultural club for the successful Management and Financial advisory support that has been offered to the club by Merit team of consultants and experts. Merit formulated the club's strategy, organization structure, policies and procedures, financial framework, job descriptions, Authority Matrix, Corporate Governance, Human Resources Management system etc. The project supported the club in organizing and managing its day to day operations along with paving way to grow as a professional football club.

  • National Rehabilitation Center - Letter of Appreciation

    Merit received a letter of appreciation from the National Rehabilitation Center for the professional services that Merit Offered. Having a soft corner for people who undergo rehabilitation, Merit team was an active supporter and participator in the efforts of the National Rehabilitation Center to help individuals who go through rehab programs regain the skills they need to function on their own and overcome any sort of addiction that they have. Merit has done Training and Research work on Substance Abuse & Drug Prevention wherein we have worked with individuals suffering from fatal drug addiction and guiding them towards rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Emirates Women Award 2015

    On 25th May 2015, Merit's Managing Partner, Madam Hadeel Al Masri was bestowed upon the prestigious Emirates Women Award for her remarkable achievements as a Business Women and a Consultant rendering her services to the Governmental and Private entities. The award is given as an encouragement and appreciation for women (UAE Nationals & Residents) who have established their professional careers and businesses and reached new heights of success.